Sound meditation

Hackney, London / Book online now

Come along for a calming sound meditation experience. Using a number of musical instiments incuding singing bowls, ocean drums, rain sticks and voice, relax into an hour-long peaceful, soothing meditation.

Research into sound and meditation has advanced incredibly over the last decade. Sound meditation has been shown to enable deep relaxation. By focusing on sounds rather than the myriad of thoughts within, we are able to enter into a state of restful awareness.

In the class you will be lying in the savasana pose (on your back) with your eyes closed, concentrating on your breathing and the sounds around you. This practice helps bring your mind into the present and while relaxing the body. Refreshments of warm tea, nuts and dried fruits provided.


  • 1.5 hour group sound meditation session
  • Herbal teas and water

What should I bring/wear?

Just bring yourselves. Wear comfortable clothing. You are welcome to bring a change of clothing as well if you wish.

What if I have questions afterwards?

It's quite common for questions to come to mind after your session. No matter what the query, we are more than happy to hear from you. Just email us at and we'll help in any way we can.